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If you are building a home, would you spend $5 more per month on your mortgage if you could save $15 per month on your electric bill? Of course you would! If you are a builder, would you like to be able to help your customers save money and live in a more comfortable home?

Energy efficient homes cost less to heat and cool. They are also easier to maintain, more comfortable, and healthier for your family. There are even mortgage programs that might help you qualify for more money to spend on a better quality home. Why? Because the bank knows you will be spending less on utilities, and your home will be more valuable and easier to maintain.

The Mountain Home Show is working hard to provide you access to energy efficient programs for your mountain home. This web page provides information about the programs available in this area. If you are aware of another program please send me this infomration by email.

The EarthCraft House Program from Southface Institute and the Greater Atlanta Builders Association
This program has been very successful in the Atlanta area and is now beginning in other areas. It helps builders build more efficient homes by means of education, inspection, and certification. Many Earthcraft homes are built much more efficiently without spending extra money.

If there is enough interest, we could persuade them to set this program up in our mountain area. We need builders willing to take the class and learn how to build homes that qualify. (The class provides real pratical knowledge on how to improve the energy efficiency without increasing the cost). We need qualified inspectors with the correct equipment who can test and inspect homes for certification. We need clients who want their homes to be Earthcraft certified. Interested? Email us at the Mountain Home Show.

Southface Institute Among the millions of energy efficient ideas people are selling, where can we find out what really saves money? No one wants to spend money on something that doesn't work. That's where an organization like Southface can be a big help. They have collected studies that analyze how much something costs, and how much it saves. They can also teach us how to get the maximum benefit from the energy saving features we choose, by installing them correctly.

Southface Energy Institute provides EarthCraft House training for builders, plus classes designed for real estate agents, architects, mortgage lenders and subcontractors. The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association provides various building science classes that relate to the EarthCraft House program, including HVAC, mold and indoor air quality workshops. Marketing materials such as EarthCraft House brochures, stickers and yard signs are also available. There is even a homebuilding school that can give you the knowledge to make good decisions with your home building project.

Blue Ridge Mountain Electrical Membership Corporation This is the largest electricity provider on our mountain region. Because our area is growing so quickly, it is expensive for them to keep up with the infrustructure needed to supply electricity. A solution is for them to offer energy efficiency programs for their customers. They have designed several programs that offer financial incentives to motivate us to make our homes more energy efficient. Because their programs are frequently changed, it is not possible to list them here. Please contact them for more information.

Other Electrical Providers If you have another electrical provider, they might also offer programs to help make your home more energy efficient. Please contact them for details. If they don't offer any programs, you might even persuade them to change this.

Richard C. MacCrea, Mountain House Plans I am a home designer and planner that specializes in designing homes that are much more efficient. By designing the home carefully to fit your needs and your property, I can incorporate features that make your home much more efficient without costing more to build. This might mean better insulation, windows that are more air-tight, or an air conditioning system that works easier and uses less electricity. You might appreciate a roof design that shades the summer sun, but lets in the winter sun. Or you might prefer a home that is heated and cooled naturally by passive solar design. If so, you need to see the model home I am building. It will give you many ideas. Please email me for more informaiton.

The Mountain Home Show We provide seminars on energy efficient homes for the mountains. Some of our exhibitors offer services and products that can make your home more efficient. Please see our web site and attend our next show for more information.

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