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Everyone seems to be building the same style cabin.
We wanted to show you some different ideas in our cabin.
It is designed for those who want a very simple cabin that causes the least impact on their mountain property.
Many of these low impact features saved a lot of construction cost.

We were not afraid to eliminate the windows on the sides without a view. Every room faces the beautiful view into the woods and down the hill to a pond. The glass also faces south, allowing the warm winter sun to heat the inside. The porch was situated on the south side to provide a comfortable all season outdoor room. The house protects this area from the cold winter winds, allowing the sunshine to warm the winter air. Every room is designed for the absolute smallest size, while providing all the needs of a vacation home. This includes two sleeping rooms, one with a built in queen size bed, the other with built in bunks. A fifth and sixth person could sleep in the great room. There is a walk-in closet for everyone's storage needs. A small kitchenette is next to the bathroom plumbing. To save space many of the walls are opened up to provide built in shelf space. To keep the warmth in the house, we used super insulated ICF walls provided by Energy Concrete Structures . (A web page showing information and photos of these walls). With super energy efficient ICF walls, earth berming on the north side, high quality windows, and the glass on the south, a small window style airconditioner provides plenty of heating and cooling.

We also experimented with some artistic materials for this home. The walls are a homemade lime plaster tinted with ochre. The woodwork was made on site from locally harvested lumber, finished with a hand rubbed tung oil finish. Floors are acid stained concrete. The kitchenette has a very modern european design.

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