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What do most people notice about the outside of a well designed home? The windows! Our experimental home must have good design and be solar efficient. We were also looking for windows that would be reasonable in cost with easy maintenance.

I don't like vinyl because its production is one of the most highly polluting manufacturing processes. Also, sunlight breaks down vinyl. My windows will be in the sun.

Aluminum windows are great for Florida, but there is no way I would be willing to lose that much heat and have all that condensation from aluminum window frames.

Wood windows are beautiful and energy efficient. They make strong window frames too. But, they are the highest maintenance, requiring painting every few years.

Pella makes a series of windows that offer the best of all of these without the drawbacks. Their Proline series is not much more expensive than standard builder grade wood windows. But they clad the exterior of their wood window frames with aluminum to save me many hours of maintenance. The hardware is much better than the builder grade windows too.

Pella also offers several other lines of windows. Their Designer series has many more size and color options. You can also get shades that operate between the panes of glass! While these windows are more expensive, you can still save money by not having to purchase window treatments. I like the clean lines and convenience of the Pella shades between the glass panes.

I chose Pella Proline wherever I don't need privacy shades. I prefer casement style windows for several reasons. When opened they catch a lot more breeze. When closed they seal much more tightly. This means I will need less heating and cooling. With stainless steel hardware, I'm not worried about the window cranks wearing out. I have seen Pella windows that are twenty years old with the original cranks working well.

In the photo below the windows are being installed. You can also see the upper windows sealed with tape to help prevent water intrusion.

The Pella windows in my office have roll screens. If I want more light and a clear view, I can roll these screens up an out of the way. The large opening is a triple casement window that is back ordered. The photo on the right shows the wall of glass in my office.

(These will be updated throughout the project).
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I have friends in the construction industry who are very interested in this home. In appreciation for their assistance, I would like to give them credit for their help, and give you the opportunity to contact them. The following list will be updated regularly:

-Bonnie our helpful realtor can be contacted by EMAIL or by phoning her at 800-871-1910
-Tony of A&L Construction did the clearing, excavating, and sawed lumber from our trees. He can be reached at 828-835-9926.
-Pete is a very good part time carpenter. You can phone him at 828-479-9458.

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