New Homes I Have Designed
Feel free to browse through some of my projects by clicking on their links below. Visit this web page often to see other projects I will be adding. Notice how each of them had a unique set of challenges and how they were overcome. I believe that these challenges should not just be solved, but that their solution should be a credit to the project.

An experimental home that is extremely energy efficient

A cabin that is an example of super energy efficiency

A modern passive solar home that is beautiful and energy efficient

A super energy efficient home for my clients and their cats

A home with a fantastic view on a very steep lot

A super energy efficient home for a mountain subdivision

A "mountain style" home designed for a builder to sell

A unique vacation home that is all about the view

A small home for a small budget with passive solar

A "green" home with a ceramic studio

A lake home on a very steep lot

A retirement home on a budget

A river front home on a very steep lot

A traditional home that is very energy efficient

A lakefront home for an extremely steep property

A simple home for a sloped lot with a nice view

A small home in the woods

A summer home with a phenominal view

A garage apartment cabin

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