The Mountain Home Show
This page is for you if you are:
Thinking of building or remodeling a home
Looking for ways to promote your construction business
Looking for a site map for this web site

Thinking of Building or Remodeling a Home?
Web pages to help you:
Attend our next show. Meet local construction trades people.
Find trades people. Contact our exhibitors.
Read articles. About building in the mountains
Our Green Page About energy efficiency & sustainability
Our Mountain Model Home Green ideas
We can help you find ideas, trades people, and products for your mountain home.
Check out our web site and attend our trade show.
We believe that the more you know, the better your home can be.

Promoting Your Construction Business
Web pages to help you:
Setting up an exhibit in our next show
Advertising on our web site
Advertising with us in the newspaper and radio
Teaching a seminar at our next show
Participating in our Mountain Model Home Project
By working together we can all get a lot more promotion for much less cost.
We purchase advertising in large quanities and share it with our exhibitors.
We advertise by internet, radio, and newspaper in Andrews, Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Ellijay,
Hiawassee, Murphy, Robbinsville, and Young Harris.
Set up an exhibit in our show and meet people looking for ideas for their home.

A community web site and trade show
The Mountain Home Show was started in 1999 to promote the local construction industry
and teach better building practices for mountain homes.

Web Site Map
To help you find what you are looking for:
The Mountain Home Show Home Page and Site Map
The Next Mountain Home Show Program (For guests & exhibitors)
How to Get in The Mountain Home Show (For exhibitors)
List of Articles (about designing, building and remodeling a mountain home)
Exhibitors in our last Mountain Home Show
Exhibitors in our next Mountain Home Show
The Mountain Model Home (an experimental home that is extremely energy efficient)
The Mountain Model Cabin (a very small mountain cabin for four)
Construction Diary The Joys and Frustrations of Building these Two Model Homes
Insulated Concrete Forms (used for the construction of our model homes).
Concrete Work (on our model homes)
Fly Ash (improves the concrete in our model homes).
Designing My Own Passive Solar Home.
Home Designing and Planning (how to get plans for building or remodeling)
Examples of New Mountain Homes
Examples of Remodeling
My Procedures (for designing and planning)

How to Contact Richard C. MacCrea
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800.738.8781 P.O. Box 446, Murphy, North Carolina 28906

How to Contact The Mountain Home Show
Email Us
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Like our Facebook Page
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The Mountain Home Show, P.O. Box 446, Murphy, North Carolina 28906-0446

The Mountain Home Show owes its success to the businesses that participate in the show.
They arrange such wonderful exhibits.
It is obvious that they take great pride in their work and our show.

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